What Is The Best Shaving Brush?

The Best Shaving Brush – How to Choose?

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The quality of your shave can actually be determined by the type of shaving brush that you use. The best shaving brushes are judged based on the amount of water and heat they can retain and whether they can form lather quickly or not. The most common criterion for choosing a hair brush is the type of bristles. There are four types of bristles namely: badger hair, boar hair, horse hair and synthetic. All these types of bristle have different water and heat retention rates and form lather differently.


They are considered as the best material for making shaving brushes. They retain water and heat more and form lather more quickly. The grading is however not standardized, due to the different manufactures we have around. It is however possible to roughly classify the hair into three grading levels. We have the pure, fine and silver tip. Pure is the lowest grade, fine is generally better while silver tip is the best. Off course this is based on how each is able to retain heat and water and how they are able to form lather.


The hair is stiff, thick and looks course. It is normally in dark color but it is not uncommon to find manufacturers bleaching it to make it look like it is from a higher grade. The hair will however still look course.


The hair is generally softer and lighter in color. They retain water and heat better than pure and form lather more quickly.

Silver tip

They are the best as far as water and heat retention and forming lather is concerned. Their bristles are finer and are characterized by a cream color at the top and darker colors at the bottom. Interestingly, they are usually hand-crafted to produce the best quality possible.


These are the type of brushes you are bound to find in the mass market. They are usually not well manufactured and therefore will form lather slowly and won’t seem to retain water and heat well. There are however Boar brushes which are well manufactured and which will give you great service for a long time. Some boar brushes may be dyed to resemble badger hair.


These type of brushes had disappeared for a while due to the anthrax scare during and around the Second World War. They are made using either the tail or the mane from the horse and sometimes even both.


Based on quality and price, they would fall between boar and badger. They can be made with nylon bristles or any other synthetic material that is more specialized.

Other factors to consider while choosing the type of shaving brush to use, include price and size. Price is a no brainer. Users will mostly choose a shaving brush based on whether they can afford it or not. Whatever price you may choose, you should not compromise on quality.

Size and shape of the brush is thought of in terms of knot, loft and the overall height. Loft is the length of the hair from where it starts on the handle to the tip. Knot will refer to the amount of hair the brush packs, while overall height refers to the height of the entire hair brush. The dimensions are measured and expressed in millimeters. When it comes to size and performance, larger brushes cover a larger area while smaller ones will offer you greater control.

All factors considered, what hairbrush you use is still a personal decision. The above analysis above should make it easy for you to narrow down to that specific brush to suit your taste.