What Are The Best Double Edge Razor Blades?

Double Edge Razor Blades – Guide In Selecting The Best One
How To Select The Best Double Edge Razor Blades Image
To fellow shavers, there is nothing more satisfying than baby smooth skin. However, to achieve such a close shave, as most shavers know, just any razor won’t do. Different blades perform differently on different individuals, depending on their skin type and hair coarseness. The type of razor you use, will also determine the blade’s performance, therefore; it is recommended that you try a variety of blades until you find the best safety razor for you.Double edge razors have become increasingly admired amongst many wet shavers. Whether you are a first time or experienced shaver looking to try a new double edge safety razor, this review will help you to select the best double edge razor blades.CrystalCrystal blades are considerably sharper as compared to most other brands and are available at a fraction of the price. These high grade, sharp blades are manufactured in Israel and are also retailed as Blue Personna blades. Crystal blades are well balanced and provide a smooth shave without tugging and pulling for a less aggressive shave. These blades are suitable for all skin types and heavy beards.


Feather blades are Japanese made blades. They are the sharpest blades on the market, and considered by most wet shavers, as the best of all blades because of their ability to cut through even the most stubborn hair. Because these blades are so sharp, they are not recommended for first time shavers or individuals with sensitive skin. These high quality blades, leave little room for error and should, therefore, be used by experienced shavers who are accustomed with blade angles and razor pressure. For best results, prepare your skin with an ample amount of cream or soap before use.


BIC, though not as sharp as Feathers, are one the sharpest, solid performing blades in its price range. The chrome platinum edge on these blades provide a smooth, forgiving shave and can be used with most aggressive razors. These solid performing blades offer a gentle shave and are just perfect for those who suffer irritation from sharper blades or who are just learning to shave.


Kai is a Japanese manufactured blade, and though not as well known as the Feather blade, provides comparable quality. These blades are well polished, so they provide a pleasant shave that is not overly aggressive. However, because it has a fine cutting edge, it is best suited for experienced shavers. For best results, properly prepare the skin before use.


Merkur is the largest producer of classic wet shaving tools, and they are widely available in many stores. For most individuals, this blade delivers a fine shave. Merkur blades are great as a starter blade for those with medium hair and normal skin, however, because of their rugged edge, they can create “pulling” in individuals with coarse or heavy hair.