The Truth About Single Blade Razor

Single Blade Razor and its Benefits

Single Blade Razor

Single blade razor or safety razor is a frequently used, safe shaving tool. The tool features an ergonomically crafted blade guard and handle designed to ensure smooth glide; the design also minimizes unwelcome exposures to the blade. The three most common single blade razor designs are the 3 piece, 2 piece and 1 piece designs. These shavers, along with the double-edge razor and cartridge blades have been used by men for many years; from teenage years to adulthood. One of the earliest design concepts to be developed was the injector razor model.

Today, the cartridge styled blade concept has become much more popular. The popularity of the cartridge styled shaving blade is mainly as a result of its affordable price and convenience. However, if you are looking for a clean hassles free shave, a single blade razor would be the perfect choice. Besides the razor, you will also require a various complementary shaving equipments and supplies such as a fine brush, shaving oil and after shave.

When you use the shaving oil along with your single blade razor, you are likely to prevent undesirable outcomes such as shaving bumps and skin irritation. Once you are done with shaving, you can treat the shaven area by applying shaving lotion. The lotion is particularly critical, if you are using a shaving clipper or an electric razor to shave. A lot of changes have taken place since the single blade razor was first introduced a few centuries ago. Some of the best and most durable single blade razors today are designed using stainless steel, carbon steel blades. These blades are rust proof and can be used repeatedly for longer periods of time.

Ardent single blade razor users prefer using this razor because of a number of reasons and among them is its level of efficiency. Single blade razors provide a much safer and efficient shave because the blades are cheaper and easy to replace when blunt. The single blade razor is also clog free, safe on the skin and prevents the occurrence of shaving bumps. The fact that you do not have to exert a lot of pressure on your skin during shaving makes the single blade razor less irritating to the skin. This diminishes the occurrence of razor burn-up, breakouts and ingrown hair. Instances of clogging are less likely to occur when you shave using a single blade shaver; this is unlike the other razors that use cartridge. Cartridge razors usually take several rounds of unclogging to attain a clean and clear shave. Multi blade razor, on the other hand, are known to heave hair and skin when shaving, this can cause undesirable shaving burn and ingrown burn.

Choosing a Single Blade Razor

Shaving is an all familiar routine for most men, especially for those men who do not desire to grow beards. However, this common routine can be fraught with various problems especially if you do not make the right choices. The problems associated with shaving include; razor burns, skin infection, skin irritation and ingrown hair. Skin irritation takes place when the hair on the skin begins growing back after shaving. When this development takes precedence, the hair grows curled inwards. The resulting effect is the build-up of painful ingrown hair and hair bumps. To overcome most of these common problems, it is critical that you choose the right type of razor and cream or shaving gel.

The problem of skin infection can be overcome by treating the skin and sanitizing the shaving equipment. No matter what quality of razor you use, if you want to get good shaving results you must use a sharp blade. The factors to consider when choosing the kind of single blade razor to use, include:

• Size and weight – This is the first thing you need to consider when choosing a single blade razor. An ideal one should be one that is not very heavy on top or too light. If the razor is too light, the temptation to assert too much pressure on the razor can impair your skin. The handle should also be well-balanced to make the shaving experience more comfortable.

• Blade exposure – Always check the blade exposure, to make sure it is well-balanced on either side. The distance between the safety bar and the blade should also be balanced. An uneven blade or gap in the razor can increase the likelihood of injuring your skin when shaving.

• Razor quality – Always make it a point to buy your razors from reputable manufacturers. Quality razors usually have fitting razors and symmetrically designed cutting heads. For seasoned users, a razor with a fixed head is much safer to use because the safety bar and blade distance cannot be adjusted. Some of the leading high quality blade razor brands in the US include Merkur, Parker, Gillette and Edwin Jagger.

• Skin type and razor blade – The traditional razors were either disposable or affixed. However, unlike the single blade razors, disposable razors are generally cheapo and low quality. This makes disposable razor users much more vulnerable to irritation and other less desirable after shave effects. A safety razor, on the other hand, works well on people with sensitive skin. One common denominator to consider when it comes to choosing a razor blade is that, it has to be sharp and easy to replace.

The other important factor to consider when buying a blade razor concerns the areas of your body you want to shave. If you want to shave diverse areas of your body such as the face, armpits or leg, pick a razor that is more desirable efficiently. For example, if you have a high concentration of spiraled hair on the body or head, using an electric razor will give you better results. The electric razor will further minimize the probability of developing razor burns and ingrown hair. Once you have chosen the right type of blade razor, along with other shaving products like fine brush, pre-shave and after shave skin care products, you should be on your way to receiving a smooth shave. On the overall, since there are many competing shaving products in the market, consumers must choose equipments and products that are less irritating and appropriate for their kind of skin.