Shaving Cream Vs Shaving Soap

Which one to choose?

shaving cream vs shaving soap

Just about everyone is familiar with shaving cream. It is the standard beginner item for people who start shaving, regardless of if they are shaving their legs, their arms or their face. This simply is because shaving cream in a can is cheap, it’s always there and it is easy to take care of.

However, as many people start to expand upon their shaving needs, they start to venture outward. Perhaps they try a more desirable shaving cream that provides better protection, or they might even look at the more old fashion shaving soap that is the traditional staple of a barber shop. But which one is better and what works for a person’s skin? In order to determine this, it is necessary to look at the pros and cons of both shaving cream and soap.

Shaving Cream

When it comes down to it, shaving cream is essentially a soap that is emulsified with water, then aerated under the pressurized can and whipped up. As it is basically already mixed up to perfection, it is far easier to get going with than soap. All someone needs to do is push down on the small button atop the shaving cream and they have their lather. Shaving cream is usually going to be a bit thicker and offer improved protection, which is necessary for many people who are both starting off and who prefer the quick aspect of a safety razor.

There are also three basic kinds of shaving cream. Most shaving cream can be broken down into either traditional, pressurized and shaving gel (despite what most manufacturers might try to pitch to the audience, shaving gel is in fact a shaving cream, which is why it turns to a cream as soon as it touches the face). There are pros and cons of each kind. Traditional shaving creams are pre lathered shaving soaps that contain a higher procreating of potassium hydroxide. This simply makes it possible to store the soap in a can and stored without a problem.

Now, traditional shaving cream is not heavily sold any longer as it has been, for the most part, replaced in convenience stores with pressurized shaving cream. This came out the 50s when anything pressurized in a can proved to be a big deal. Pressurized shaving creams do not last as long as traditional and can actually go bad eventually. Lastly, there is shaving gel. Now, a shaving gel does not work at all for someone who prefers to shave wet, as it can fall apart and it does not stick to the face very well. It is inexpensive and doesn’t require any sort of a brush, so it is easy to use, but that is about it.

When it comes down to it, shaving cream is easy to store, easy to use and can be put away easily. As traditional shaving cream is not much of an option any longer, most shavers now who turn to shaving cream either use a pressurized option or a gel.

Shaving Soap

When using a shaving soap, the soap offers up a fluffy later that is more airy. It is not as dense as shaving cream. Due to the fluffy lather, it offers a slicker cut, so it is possible to glide over the face and other parts of the body easier. Shaving cream slows the razor down, so while it protects more, it does not give the same smooth shave feel for someone who is a bit more experienced with shaving (plus, for someone who shaves every day, or almost every day, the added protection shaving creams offer really is not necessary). Shaving soap offers more control over the consistency of the lather. Some people might find they like a thicker lather while others might want something a bit thinner. It might take a bit more time but it provides better control, which is just not available with a shaving cream.

A bar of shaving soap is going to be less expensive than a can of shaving cream. Now, it really isn’t possible to travel easily with the shaving soap, especially after its initial use, but for someone who shaves right at home and in the same spot, it is desirable. Also, it is more environmentally friendly as there is no aerosol or metal to deal with when the can soap is empty.

there are also two kinds of shaving soap. A triple milled soap and glycerin soap. Glycerin soap is made from an oil or fat. These are less expensive of the soap options but do not last as long. These comes with a stronger scent as well than shaving creams. The triple milled soaps last longer but do not have the same fragrance.

In all, shaving cream is more convenient and for people in a rush, but shaving soap offers a closer, more comfortable shave.