Philips Norelco RQ12 Shaver Head – Deals and Review

Philips Norelco RQ12 Shaver Head

If you are a fans of Philips Norelco shavers and is looking for the RQ12 Replacement Shaver Head, then you should have already know that they are efficient and comes with high quality. Even if that is the case, over time with regular use, the blades does not seem to be performing as well when you first bought it. Thus, you will need to change them in order to maintain the kind of quality and standard that you are looking for.

This is the reason why in order to maintain a good shave, it is suggested to change the shaver heads every twelve months if you are using it frequently. If you own a Philips Norelco razor and is looking for a replacement head, read on to find out which one should you go for. Before you begin searching for a shaver head for replacement, check your shaver and make sure you got the correct part. The available versions are Norelco RQ10, Norelco RQ12 and Norelco RQ111.

Norelco Philips RQ12/72 Replacement Shaver Head

Norelco Philips RQ12/72 Replacement Shaver Head

This replacement head is currently a new release on Amazon and thus you can see that there is only one 5 star review (at the time of writing). This new head is able to give you the closest shave that you have ever experienced with the V-Track Precision blades that collect hair in the optimal cutting position. It is compatible with Series 8000 and Arcitec shavers.

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Philips Norelco RQ12+ Replacement Head for Series 8000 (SensoTouch 3D) and Arcitec

Philips Norelco RQ12+ Replacement Head for Series 8000 (SensoTouch 3D) and Arcitec

This is an older version from the above mentioned replacement head. This RQ12+ and RQ12/62 are the same model and are specifically for models 12xx as well as SensoTouch 3D. Every shaving head has the ability to move in 8 directions to follow your face’s every curve. With this superior contouring, it is able to help capture hair growing in all kind of directions in lesser strokes. As compared to older models, this will allows you to shave off 20% more hair in just a single pass. Just as mentioned before, it is ideally to replace the blades every 12 months for maximum shaving performance.

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How To Replace The Shaver Head?

  1. First, make sure you bought the correct replacement head for your razor.
  2. Start by taking out the shaver head which you can do so by gently pressing a button that can be found at the bottom of the shaver head.
  3. With the button pressed, gently pull the head out and it will detached from the shaver.
  4. This is a slightly tricky part, take note of the cutters and start twisting the piece that locks it in a anticlockwise direction. It will comes off the shaver.
  5. Throw away your old cutter and replace it with the new one.
  6. You will need to take note of the tabs and bumps on the cutter to place it correctly.
  7. Once you did it correctly, it will sits in place nicely.

You can look at this demo video to have a better understanding if you are still not clear of how to do it.

How To Clean?

Maintenance is super easy. you just need to remove the top of the shaving head and rinse it under water to clean it. No hassles at all.

how to clean the shaving unit

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