Panasonic ES3831K Single Blade Travel Shaver, Black Review

Best Panasonic ES3831K Single Blade Travel Shaver, Black Review

Best Panasonic ES3831K Single Blade Travel Shaver, Black Review
Welcome to our Panasonic ES3831K Single Blade Travel Shaver, Black review. In today review, we are going to discuss about the product features, some of the pros and cons as well as feedback by some of the customers. Besides that, we will also be giving our opinion on what we think about this product.

After when you have finished reading our review, we hope that you will understand more about this unit and can make better decision in buying your electric shaver.

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Table of Contents
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1. Features
2. Size/Dimension
3. Precision-Angled Blade
4. Wet/Dry Design
5. Light, Portable Design
6. What’s in the Box
7. Customer Reviews
8. Pros and Cons
9. Price
10. Recommendation


Product Features

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In this product features section, we will be discussing about some of the remarkable and unique features for this product.

Panasonic ES3831K is a ideal shaver for travel or light touch-up shaving during the day, 1-Bade cutting system that follows facial contours for a clean close shave.

With this model, you can use it wet or dry which means you can use in the shower and it can be cleaned under running water.

The Panasonic ES3831K Pro Curve Wet/Dry Travel Shaver handles all your shaving needs in a small, compact package that is easy to carry with you, so you can shave in the morning and touch up during the day whenever you need to. With a single-blade design that is durable and stays sharp, you’ll get a close and comfortable shave every time.

Product features for Panasonic ES3831K Single Blade Travel Shaver, Black:

– Battery Operated For Ease Of Use
– Floating Head Follows Facial Contours For A Comfortable Shave
– Easy To Hold Ergonomic Design
– Nickel Free, Hypoallergenic
– Rinses Clean With Water


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Width: 2.2 in
Depth: 4.3 in
Height: 6.6 in
Weight:  5.4 ounces
Shipping Weight: 11.2 ounces

Precision-Angled Blade

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The Panasonic ES3831K Wet/Dry Travel Electric Shaver uses a single-blade, fine-cut shaving head. The blade is set at a 78-degree angle and has a motor speed of 8500 RPM, so you can achieve a smooth look and feel. It features a floating head that adjusts to the contours of your face. The blade is nickel-free and hypoallergenic, and the foil is stainless steel, so it won’t irritate those with sensitive skin. The blade is extremely sharp and durable, so you get an effective shave every time.

Wet/Dry Design

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The wet/dry design of the Panasonic ES3831K Wet/Dry Travel Electric Shaver means you can easily clean your shaver by simply rinsing it under running water. This wet/dry functionality also gives you the option of shaving wet with lather while in the shower, or dry shaving when you have less time.

Light, Portable Design

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This Panasonic ES3831K Shaver is easy to take wherever you go. This ES3831K Pro Curve Electric Razor runs for up to 90 minutes on two “AA” batteries (not included).

What’s in the Box

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Shaver and Brush

Customer Reviews

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What a great little razor! Great shave and easy to use. Description said batteries last for 90 mins and…(read more here: Panasonic ES3831K Single Blade Travel Shaver, Black Review)”

The shaver is great travel value. Buy this as a companion to the best electric wet shaver I could recommend…(read more here: Panasonic ES3831K Single Blade Travel Shaver, Black Review)”

Average Rating: 4.1 out of 5


Pros & Cons

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product prosPros: In this section, we shall take a look at some of the advantages for this product. At the time of writing review for this product, it has an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 from 748 customers’ reviews. Out of those reviews, 434 of them have given a 5 star rating, 145 have given 4 star rating and the rest of them have given 3 star and or below. Based on the reviews and rating, you can see that buyers are very satisfied of what they have bought.

In its description, it stated that the batteries only can last for 90 mins, there are some buyers who have actually used it more than that and they are very happy about it.

This lightweight model is small and easily to carry around. Not only that, the price is pretty cheap as well, you can click on the Amazon buy button below to find out more about the price.


product consCons: No matter how good a product is, there are sure to be some negative feedback and we shall take a look in this section. This unit requires you to go through the facial areas a few times before the hair can actually be shaved. One of the buyers said that after a few shaves, he is having skin irritation and it becomes very pain for him. Only then he found out that one of the metal wires of the head was loose and he has basically a loose thin sharp piece of metal scratching all over his face.


Panasonic ES3831K Price

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The price of this unit varies depending on where you buy it. Nowadays, it is usually cheaper to shop online than at your local store. Amazon is the place that we recommend our visitors to buy from because of their reputation online as well as their great support.

As Amazon tends to change the price of their products, we decided not to list down the price of the product on our website so as to avoid any confusion. You can click on the buy button below to find out more about the price and any discounts of this model from Amazon itself.

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Recommendation (My Opinion)

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Now, we have come to the last part of our review and we will be giving our opinion on this product. In this case, you can then make better decision on whether to get this electric shaver. Given the qualities that this product comes with, we feel that it is totally worth it for its price. You can even give this as a gift to your friends or relatives.

You can also see that the advantages of this product clearly outweigh the disadvantages and a lot of customers are very happy that they have bought this unit. We would recommend you to get this model if you are looking for a travel razor. However, take note of what we have mentioned on the cons section. If you do get this model and have skin irritation after using, make sure you check the shaver carefully in case one of the metal wires is loose.

Anyway, hope you like the reviews and good luck in getting the shaver that you like!


Panasonic ES3831K Single Blade Travel Shaver, Black Features Overview:

ShaverPanasonic ES3831K Single Blade Travel Shaver, Black
ImagePanasonic ES3831K Single Blade Travel Shaver, Black
DimensionMeasures approximately 2.2 x 4.3 x 6.6 inches
Weight5.4 ounces
Shipping Weight11.2 ounces
Price and DiscountFind out more from Amazon
Average Rating4.1 out of 5

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