How to Get the Best Shave Possible?


How To Get The Best Shave Possible – Find Out More Now

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Making sure to get the best shave possible is not only time-consuming but also tricky when you don’t know the best ways to shave. The main complaint of many men is the razor burn. If you know the right way to shave, then you will never have that razor burn or any similar problems. Getting a great shave doesn’t necessarily mean that you need some expensive tools. Just find some minutes out of your busy schedule and get the best shave possible by following these easy tips.

How to get the best shave possible – Keep the beard wet:

Razor burn and irritation often happen if you shave close without keeping your beard wet. When your facial hair is wet, their follicles swell by absorbing moisture. This makes the entire shaving process easy, because the wet hair becomes quite weak. If you want, you can take a shower before shaving daily. In this way, your facial hair will stay moist and therefore easier to cut. Avoid shaving on a dry face as it will lead to razor burns and even shaving rash.

Find the right shaving cream:

A number of top brand stores offer a variety of shaving creams. However, you might not want to pick a high-end and pricey shaving cream, which actually doesn’t suit your skin type. Instead, do some research and find a right shaving cream suitable for your skin. If you are unsure, then try those traditional shaving creams with glycerin as a base ingredient. These creams work gently on the skin and do an excellent job in lubricating the skin beneath the facial hair. Once your beard is wet, apply this shaving cream to create soft lather for a sleek shave. Shaving creams and gels containing menthol can have adverse effects on your skin. Such products can also leave the facial pores closed, which in turn make your facial hair stiff and hard. Eventually, this makes the razor drag more difficult.

Get one of those best-quality razors:

Find a good and high-quality razor for your daily shaves. A good-quality razor features sharp blades. Shaving also removes a thin layer from the skin surface. Therefore, you need to use the sharp blades as a razor with dull blades can leave your facial skin scratchy and blemished. Changing the razor blades in regular intervals is highly recommended. If you shave daily, then ensure to replace the razor blades in every two weeks. In this way, you can avoid getting skin rashes and razor burns that often appear due to frequent shaving.

Keep your razor blades clean:

After every shave, it’s your job to wipe clean your razor blades. Don’t forget to rinse the blades in hot water to remove any residues of the shaving creams, gunk and whiskers.

Learn the proper shaving technique:

Just like you need the right shaving cream and a good-quality razor, you should also learn the proper shaving techniques. First of all, keep your beards wet before shaving. If possible, shave after taking a shower. Use those old-style brushes to create lather for shaving. Whenever you apply your shaving cream, massage in a circular motion. Allow the lather to rest for a few minutes on your beard before you start shaving. This process will allow your facial hair to absorb more moisture that will even make the shaving easier. Don’t apply pressure while shaving. Instead, allow the razor to glide easily in the direction of the hair growth. Don’t forget to rinse your face with cool water after every shave. This will help tightening the loose skin pores. If possible, use a good skin moisturizer or a good after-shave moisturizing lotion for the best results.